Hi everyone! My name is Marc and I am happy that you found your way to my blog!

It wasn´t just some days ago that I found out that travelling is one of my major passions. Actually I am happy and proud of some rich experiences I could already make. But being member of a tricontinental master study program, it is now that I start to feel I should share my experiences with others.

Of course I know there are a lot of travel blogs out there. This is why I am not planning to bore you with things you can look up in every travel guide. Having half a year in each country I would rather like to share how I myself perceive certain things, which are currently happening. Society, politics and culture are my interests, music and subculture are my hobby. I will try to answer questions, which I am having myself: How is it like to live in Asia? What traditions do they have in Taiwan? How western are they already and how is their relation to China? Is there a punk scene in Asian countries? How does everyday life in Mexico look like after Trump was elected U.S. president? How does Rock´n´Roll nostalgia feel in pre-Brexit London? How do Latin-American musicians react when their concert gets cancelled?

I am not sure if I can find answers to all of these questions. In the worst case this website will be just another travel blog. In the best case this will be a documentary of an exciting journey throughout several countries and years with a special focus on topics, which only special readers are interested in.

The little bit different travel blog: alterna-trip.com!